Consultant. Entrepreneur. Engagement coach.

Nick Bishop consults with a handful of clients.

He is very picky.

Nick loves problems.

Nick loves collaboration.

Nick only works with people who believe that 1+1=3, and have the desire to build things that are global in stature and vision, and lead the market in their chosen category.

‚ÄčThe 7 Things Process was created by Nick in 1995. Nick was given his first job running an ad agency - Chairman and CEO of McCann-Erickson Netherlands in Amsterdam. He reported to the President of McCann Europe. Nick created a repeatable/scalable process for re-energising McCann Netherlands. He created and implemented the 7 Things process.  It worked. The agency rose in Dutch rankings from #14 to #7 in 18 months. Nick won first HK McCann award for agency turn around, and was then asked to move to McCann Sydney as CEO to repeat the process - which he did. Was awarded second HK McCann leadership award. Was asked to move to McCann / A&L San Francisco to do it all again. 

7 Things process explained on last page of this website.