We assist in getting cross functional teams to work better together - whether across a dept, the organization - or working partner companies

"Our vision, mission and values statement is really good. We spent a lot of time and effort getting it right. People just don't follow it"

Many CEO's, business leaders & founders.

"the company vision and mission is on the wall in the lobby, and it was explained in my onboarding but no one pays attention to it - to be honest - it is completely meaningless"

almost all employees

@most companies

Consultant. Entrepreneur. Engagement coach.

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We help leader(s) + senior management create a clear destination (CDS) + an effective, engaging + actionable plan - with measurable progress across
the entire enterprise.

"OMG - I know they are smart - but why can't these people work better together? "

Many frustrated CEO's, business leaders & founders.​

"These other guys are really bright - but are clueless about what we need to achieve / focus on. Why dont they get it?."

most employees
@most companies working in X functional teams

We add real traction (ie engagement & an actionable plan) to your 

existing Mission, Vision & Values statement(s) - so that it becomes meaningful, ( AKA "mine") .  

What we do.

we make the boats go faster.together.

Most of our work falls into 3 buckets.


How we do it.

We listen, we engage & we build. Together.


We use our unique, proven & proprietary 3 tier process

to listen, engage & build measurable and actionable plans. 

The plans combine clear direction from the top, with plan creation by SMM and execution by the entire enterprise.

"I know where we need to be . I need to better articulate it - and then I want the crew to deliver. how can I get more effective traction?"

Many CEO's, business leaders & founders.​

"I love the company and the boss - but they don't ask for nor value my input. I know we could be doing so much better.
I'd really like to play a bigger role in our success "

important employees
@many companies


In 1995, Nick Bishop was promoted to the role of Chairman and CEO of McCann-Erickson, The Netherlands.

This was the first of many leadership roles spanning 3 decades in Europe, Australia and USA.

He was excited and terrified at getting this gig - as despite years in advertising, he'd never been 100% in charge before.

He asked his bosses for the "handbook", the secret, the roadmap to running an agency.

There wasn't one.

So he created one - and called it The 7 Things.

That process has been used to solve 100's of issues of staff engagement in dozens of service businesses from as small as 30 people tor organizations of over 500 in Europe, Australia and the USA.

References and case stories available.

What sort of business leaders hire us?

Tenacious, confident, change makers who are in a hurry.

Often they are brand new to the position and want to demonstrate visible change, quickly.

What scenarios are we brought into?

1. We are in (big) trouble here. Things have gone to shit. We need to stop the hemorrhaging - fast.

2. Things are fine, but stale. We need fresh energy to get stuff going again.

3. Demonstrable Change Needed. "I need to show my boss/client/team/investor that we are doing everything we can to drive engagement of team members here.

About Nick Bishop

Nick is an international executive who has numerous leadership positions at advertising and communication agencies including DDB Worldwide, McCann-Erickson, Young & Rubicam, and Grey Group. He was also the global Vice President of Consumer Connections at The Coca-Cola Company, based in Atlanta where Nick was responsible for all global advertising and brand management for Coke, Diet Coke, Fanta, Sprite & Schweppes.

In any and all of these roles, getting the most of the team was essential. Nick knows that is simple combination of setting the destination, engaging key staff via listening and assigning responsibility to create the best path - and then inviting the rest of the crew to deliver the defined plan.

​It is all about the team and the individuals - working in harmony.

 Nick' s straight talking, non jargony approach to getting to the root of the problem, and creating a straight forward direct approach to solving it has been appreciated and embraced by 100's of executives and 1000's of staff over his 30+ year career of implementing his engagement frameworks.

want to know more? ​I would be happy to jump on a confidential call and help understand your situation - and explain how we can help.